Please note: The following is one of my early attempts at a Nick Abbot site. This page dates back from late 1995/early 1996 (with updated Trevor (not Trevor) posts from 1996 and radio show info added in 1997) and as a result some of the information contained on this page may be inaccurate and outdated. You will also find links that do not work.

These pages where built on an Amiga 1200 running the default Workbench v1.3 text editor and Deluxe Paint 4 with a 19.2kbps direct serial connection to the Internet via my university in Kent. This was considered a high speed connection in the days when 14.4 modems where standard. ;) The main site was hosted by a company called Virtual PC based in the UK with the jingles hosted on a Finnish ISP called Netsonic. The original URL was

The current site is at

Nick Abbot

"I have to dial up the Internet to find out when I'm on!"

I've been meaning to do something with this page for a while now. I've actually started doing something with it at long last! So here it is, my *unofficial* Nick Abbot page...
Caller is nervous about their first aeroplane flight.
Caller: It's the fear of the unknown.
Nick: No, it's the fear of crashing at 300MPH into the earth...
Caller sings a jingle for Nick.
Nick: Oh you stopped. Just in time. I thought I was going to have to stop you because I didn't think it was ever going to end. I thought it was like a symphony you were giving here. Little short jingle is what I required. We had just like the 18-12 Overture, like a 15 minute long... what was that like the 12 inch dance mix? Shut up! I'm a bit busy at the moment, have to go, bye bye.
Classic clips from past Nick Abbot shows on Virgin:

[Giving Blood]
[El Al Airlines]
[Annoying Kid]
[A Mobile Call]
[Computers, I Hate 'em]
[Phone Problems]
[Licencing Laws]
[Parents and Videos]
[Scary Spiders]

Nick [to Clint]: What's the deal with this computer? Now I can't get into this computer. What's going on with this?
Caller: Oh what noise do you want me to do now?
Nick: Er well, pretty soon you're going to have to sing the 'news-in' jingle because nothing works!!
[Nick ends up singing the jingle...]

"Nick's Bits"

Here are few more classic clips as typed up by
Trevor (not Trevor) for the newsgroup. Special thanks to the guy with the strange name for letting me use them here.
Nick: Tomorrow I'm going to put like the best of the year on tape.
Caller: What are you going to do after 5 past 10?
[Posted: 08.8.96, Nicks bits continued]
[Posted: 09.8.96, Nicks bits 93 : The phone-outs]
[Posted: 10.8.96, Nicks longest bit yet]
[Posted: 11.8.96, Nicks bits : The LBC incident]
[Posted: 12.8.96, Nicks Bits : Normal service will be resumed]
[Posted: 13.8.96, Nicks Bits - The pond scum surfaces]
[Posted: 24.8.96, The bits is back! (Nicks bits 93)]
[Posted: 26.8.96, Nicks Bits 93]
Nick: OK, listen, I gotta go.
Caller: Why?
Nick: Because you're not that interesting!
Caller: Oh bollocks to ya.
Nick: Bollocks to you too. [laugh]

A few of Nick's old jingles can be downloaded here. These were made by fans of his show. The third one is easily my fave. So download them now! (Fast-ish modem recommended)

["Just about the scariest thing I've ever seen" (269.3KB)]
["A man that's heard but never seen" (986.4KB)]
["Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there?" (973.9KB)]
["This is Virgin Radio, Nick Abbot's on the telephone" (523.7KB)]
["Nothing to do and no where to go (Disco Mix)" (806.8KB)]
["I listen to Nick almost every night" (557.4KB)]

Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there?
Ring now if you can hear us.
Why, you're sitting by the phone.
Come on, now, stick your finger in the dial.
Talk with Nick for just a while.
It won't cost you anything.
So call him now, tell him what you got to say...

You can catch Nick at the following times on the radio:
Virgin FM105.8FMWeekdays 1pm-4pmRock format with chatLondon and the South East
Virgin 12151197/1215AM and 105.8FM (and Astra)Sundays 2pm-6pmRock format with chatNationwide (and Europe)
Talk Radio1053/1089AMSaturdays 7:30pm-10pmPhone-inNationwide
VMRIntelsat 27.5WVariousMixed selection of musicVirgin Megastores

For much more information you might like to check out the official Nick Abbot site at:
The Talk Radio unofficial web site is at:
And also check out the Virgin 1215 web site at:

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