Nick Abbot, Virgin 1215, 1994


OK, see computers, I just love 'em. It was all set up, ready to go, the fart thing would come in and then we're gonna hear the Counting Crows and Mr Jones. I press the button, it lights up, and guess what, nothing happens. And you wonder why I just detest and *hate* computers? They're chronic because it's loaded on computer in another part of the building. It costs about a million pounds this system, it's the most technically advanced radio studio on God's Earth and does it work when you need it to? Absolutely not, computer's, I hate them!

[Computerised voice] Dear Nick, I am a Commodore Amiga computer, and I do not like you either.

[Incidentally, that was my computer saying that, I sent it in to Nick, ha fame!]

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