Nick Abbot, Virgin 1215, 1994

So gradually, just slowly and slowly, little by little pockets of sanity are start appearing hither and dither throughout this green and pleasant land. And the Labour run council in Leeds is trying to get a bit of er, Europe going. They're [Laugh] well, it's not so laughable I suppose. It just made me smirk because it was in Leeds. They're encouraging restaurants and shops and nightclubs to provide round the clock entertainment to re-create a good humoured bustle. Hussle and bustle. The hurly burly. That has charmed generations of visitors to Italy, it says here. This was in the Sunday Times. [Puts on deep voice] "Which is the Sunday papers."

Labour run council in Leeds wants to encourage shops to stay open 'til 9 each day, and has decided to relax licencing laws for pubs and nightclubs. [Laugh] Would you like me to say that again? I know that it's er, that those words in that order are difficult to comprehend in the English language. They are going to *relax* licencing laws! [Cheering sound effect]

From yesterday, three of Leeds most popular nightclubs, one of which in this article says is called Club Vague [Laugh] erm, are given permission to stay open until 6 in the morning. And erm, they are bringing the changes as part of a 24 hour city project that's offered to help pub land lords pay for cafe style tables and chairs and are to stay open 'til *2am*! In the morning! If they provide live entertainment or restaurant food because it's illegal for them to do that unless they do those to things, because it's like a club or restaurant.

Unbelievable. So it's happening in Leeds, is it? So just little by little we're creeping into erm, the 20th century. We're almost acting like we're a civilised nation.

And it happened to me again this weekend. Saturday night you er, potter around the shops and you come home and you watch a bit of TV and you eat and you crash out for a while. You get up and you get to the pub and it's 10. Right. And so you er, have a first drink and you just er, you know, getting a full head of conversation going and you have a couple more drinks and hello? It's time to say goodbye. Because it's *the law*! 11 O'clock. When you're just ready to keep going, when the er, brain has been sufficiently oiled that you want to stay out like an adult and here's Auntie looking over your shoulder telling you what's good for you. You should go home and go to bed. Because obviously we're a bunch of idiots in this country and we aren't capable of making our own mind up as to when it is we finish drinking and what time we should go to bed!! So it's 11 O'clock. Thanks a lot! You'd have to go to Kuwait to get more stupid laws about licencing than we do in this country.

Sunday was the same. It's physically impossible to get to the off licence by 3. You can't do it! So I look at the clock and it's five to three. I [Laugh] run out of the house in what I had on, I did, I *ran* to the off licence, which was closed. So I go to the supermarket, which remains open all day, and pick up a bottle and put it on the counter, and she looks at the till. The till's got one of these erm, electronic clocks on it. Four minuets past. It's illegal! If I had wanted to buy it four minuets previously under exactly the same circumstances it would have been OK. Four minuets later it's against the law!! Is there one single good reason why? Can anybody give me one?! No, because there isn't one. Can anyone give me a good reason why you have to be in a nightclub by midnight in Glasgow? No! Because there isn't one. Similarly, can you tell me why they are thrown out of nightclubs at 2 in the morning in Glasgow? Everybody out on the streets with tons of energy all at the same time. Can you give me one good reason? There isn't one!!

If you want to sit in the pub and drink after 11 O'clock then you had to go and find the dozen or so in the whole country that actually do that but you'd have to buy a meal to sit there! It's insane. And there isn't one single politician that I've heard of any party that's suggesting a change in the law.

That numbskull when he er, said that we're gonna er, free up cafes so that they can serve beer with a meal so we can be more like France, he didn't just ignore the 11 O'clock closing, he actually specifically said wasn't even considering changing it. Can anybody tell me why? Is there a good reason why?? Other than, Daddy knows best?!

Only an idiot would accept restrictions on their personal freedom like we do in this country. Unfortunately, this country is full of 'em!

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