Subject: Nicks bits continued
From: Trevor 
Date: Thu, 08 AUG 1996,

!Disclaimer! This is not a disclaimer

Todays episode - *Pond life*

Nick : "Staines"

Caller (husky Australian voice) : "Is that the freak?"

Nick : "Pardon?"

Caller : "Is that the freak?"

Nick : "Is that the freak?"

Caller : "This is Bea Smith here, and when I find out who laaaaagggged,
I'm gonna kill the bitch." 

                        *       *       *       *

Nick : "Elvis Presley!"

Caller : "Hi there!"

Nick : "Yes sir."

Caller : "Hi.  Err... I just thought I'd call your radio station, I've
been doing a bit of research and I've found your station is relatively
new, and err.. I just wanted to dispell rumours and myths of me dying in
1977. I'd just thought I'd let your listeners know I'm still alive and
well and... er... at the moment I'm living in a part of Birmingham in
England, above a grocery store in a one bedroom bedsit or flat, whatever
you call it.. umm.... and.. um.. I'm full of health.."

Nick : "Well you're full of something" (sound effect : "Tick-tock") "not
much doubt about that"

Caller : "Umm I.. Well" (Sound effect : "Buzzer")

Nick : "Thank you very much, I really do mean that, thank you very much
sincerely thank you!"

                        *       *       *       *

Caller : "...some of the music nowadays is disgusting and.."

Nick : "Absolutely. And let's hope we here much more of it on this

Caller : "But do you really think that? I mean, but, do you not think
that there is a conspiracy out there.. by evil forces who are trying to
pollute the minds of youngsters.."

Nick : "Now who..."

Caller : "..conspiracy.. this EVIL society.."

Nick : "..Would you you answer me one question?"


Caller : "AH'VE SEEN THE LAWD, BOY!!!!!!"  

                        *       *       *       *

Nick : "Aberdeen"

Caller : "Hi, my names Linda and I'd.."

Nick : "Could you speak a little louder, Linda?"

Caller : "O.K. then, i think that..."

Nick : "No, LOUDER! (silence) are you familiar with the concept

Caller : "Yeah, I'm famliar with the concept 'louder', what d'ya want me
to shout?"

Nick : "No, just speak so we can hear what you're saying!"

Caller : "I just think your attitudes a.."

Nick : "Oh yeah, you don't like my attitude! Well *SCREW OFF* and listen
to something else then."
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