Nick Abbot, Virgin 1215, 1994

Do you ever watch videos with your parents? That's always a moment of erm, absolute great concern is going to the video shop and erm, knowing that you're going to have to sit there and watch it with your parents, because you wish that your parents would just go away, go out for the evening. But they take you around the shops and then the video shop beckons because as usual there's absolutely nothing on TV, right. And so you go in there and you start scanning the shelves and even stuff that's 15 you know you're going to be deeply, deeply embarrassed and want to crawl away and die if you watch it with your parents.

A silence descends upon the room, and you daren't move because you don't want, it's almost like you wish they had forgotten you were there. So you don't move and you try and become part of the furniture and pretend that you er, that you actually have gone out for the night and that you are not actually physically there. And you go bright red, and your mother pipes up and says, 'Do we really want to watch this?' which is your cue to walk the full length of the room and take it off and switch on Noel Edmonds or something that was more acceptable or just generally get out of the room before all of her clothes come off.

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